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Painted in December 2015. I just wanted to explore painting something a little more vibrant and fun than my older works.


And now for something completely different. Painted in January 2015 for my friend’s birthday. I used to have a larger anime influence …


Painted in July 2014. Another exploration with ZBrush and painting over in Photoshop.

Armored Beast

Painted in July 2014. Experimenting with ZBrush with a paintover in Photoshop.

Witch Fencer

Painted in July 2014. Experimenting with some painting techniques.

Loading Bay

Painted in July 2014. Experimenting with photo-bashing.  


Started this small personal project back in November 2013. I finished most of these pieces in November. However, I painted the last …

Character Sketches

Sketched in March 2014. It’s quite nice getting back into line drawings after focusing mostly on paintings.

Studies Tumblr Blog

Series of studies sketched between February 2014 and April 2014. I recently got into the habit of doing one hour studies from …